Nutella Pancakes

Nutella is supposedly made for breakfast, but fans of the hazelnut-cocoa spread know it’s soooo much better than just a topping for toast. It’s more of a dessert ingredient, like in Nutella brownies, or just a secret, delicious spoonful (um, not that I’ve ever had it that way).

But this recipe takes Nutella back to the breakfast table, this time as a gooey filling for pancakes. And it’s easy.

The night before you make this, put small circles of Nutella on a piece of parchment paper and place in the freezer.

Make this recipe for pancakes, and just before you’re ready to ladle the batter onto the pan, take the Nutella circles out of the freezer. Ladle a little batter onto the pan, place a Nutella circle on top, then cover with more batter. Cook the pancakes as normal.

The Nutella circles never freeze solid, so as soon as you start cooking the first batch of pancakes, return the Nutella to the freezer. Take them back out right before you make the next batch, otherwise the Nutella will be too soft to pop off the parchment and use quickly.

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