Breaded Chicken

This is one of the simplest recipes I know. I actually don’t even need the recipe, which for me is rare. It’s just simple breaded chicken, sauteed in a pan until browned all over. You can use chicken cutlets or chicken tenders, but the key is to use a thin cut of chicken, not a thick chicken breast. If chicken breasts are what you have to work with, then slice them lengthwise to make thinner pieces.

My mom used to make this and I remember helping her by dipping the chicken in the egg and breadcrumbs. My mom said I was “the best” at dipping the chicken, which isn’t really difficult to do, but I still remember it because it made me feel so proud at the time.

You only need a small number of ingredients, most of which you probably have on hand in your kitchen anyway. I’m approximating the amounts below just to give you a general idea of how much to use, but you’ll be able to figure it out yourself in no time.
Serves 4

2 eggs
1 cup of seasoned Italian breadcrumbs (or plain breadcrumbs with your favorite seasonings — try onion powder, dried parsley, and salt and pepper)
Olive oil
4 chicken cutlets (or enough chicken pieces for four people — maybe 8 tenders, or 2 chicken breasts sliced lengthwise)

In a wide bowl, lightly beat the two eggs. Put the breadcrumbs in a second wide bowl and set the two bowls side by side next to the stove.

In a large skillet, heat about 1 Tbsp. olive oil over medium-high heat. As it heats, dip each chicken piece fully in the egg, then dredge it in the breadcrumbs, making sure they’re covered. When the pan is hot, add the chicken pieces and fry until browned on both sides. Add more olive oil as needed while they cook. When they’re done, put them on a plate lined with a paper towel to drain.

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