Haifa Salad

I named this salad forĀ the city where I first had it, in the summer of 2006, while covering the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. I ordered it almost every day from a cafe in the lobby of the Dan Panorama Hotel and would then take it up to my room, where I was doing radio liveshots. It’s easy to make and great for summer.

Mediterranean salad leaves (try to get a mix of green and purple leaves, perhaps including arugula, radicchio, and frisee)
Goats cheese, cut or tornĀ into small chunks
Pine nuts
Cherry tomatoes, cut in half
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar

Mix them together in the amount you like. Salt and pepper aren’t really necessary because the balsamic flavor is so strong.

Try to put the goats cheese and pine nuts on last so they don’t get discolored by the balsamic.

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